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Landlord Services

We offer the following Landlord Services.

  • Court Papers Processed and Filed – We handle the filing of your dispossesses in a timely manner and will represent the bookkeeping records in court along with the representation of an attorney.
  • Lock Box Service
  • Rent Collections – We offer a rent collection services so there is no hassle with your tenants paying their rent. Rent can only be paid with check or money order and then entered into the computer. No cash will be accepted. This allows the owner peace of mind that rent will be collected from their tenants and money will not disappear. Your tenants can either mail in their monthly payment or come by the office to drop it off.
  • Credit Reporting
  • Tenant Screening – We offer a tenant screening service so that you, as the owner, know exactly who is renting your units and whether or not they have a history. This is useful as you have the ability to pick who you want as a tenant based on payment history.
  • Accurate Monthly Reports – As the owner, we send you a set of monthly reports showing income and, if appropriate, expenses you have incurred during the month. You will also receive a vacancy report, a recap of the tenants records, and a current rent roll.
  • Warrant Filings
  • Attorney & Constable Network – We have relationships with several law and constable firms. Their fees are affordable and the offer excellent service. If you have your own constable and/or law firm, we will accommodate and work with them in the best interest of the owner.
  • Section 8 Program & Public Housing Rentals Management – We have staff members who are knowledgeable in all Section 8 rules, regulations, and public housing programs in the Tri-State area. We are connected with Section 8 to post your vacancies on their website.
  • Lease Renewals
  • Eviction Processing – We manage the eviction process. We take the necessary legal action towards evicting tenants by filing a warrant of removal once the court action has been completed. With the services of a constable, a tenant will be served and locked out of their unit should this become necessary. You will be kept informed as to who is being served with a warrant of removal and who is being locked before it occurs.
  • Rental Department
  • Maintenance Scheduling